Payroll System

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Payroll Software

Payroll is the process by which employers pay an employee for the work they have done. The process consists of many aspects including, calculating taxes of each employee and payments are made to the correct government department. Payroll can be a huge task and time consuming for small business owners. Incorrect filing of taxes can result in fines. To avoid these issues, our payroll system is fully integrated with biometrics and makes payroll processing simple and easy.


  • User friendly and can be customized as per a business requirements and can be scalable.
  • Saves time, less manpower required and lower errors in calculation.
  • Run payroll registers to double-check before depositing salary.
  • Simplify tax processing and get all tax reports.
  • Computerized payroll eliminates the need to store payroll records and reports.
  • Get all payroll reports at the click of a button.

Software Features

Payroll system

Payroll Processing

Calculate salary in a few clicks and always get accurate salaries and taxes. If you have predefined salary structure and no additional incomes or deductions are required, then calculate salary in one click. With re-processing you can correct your mistakes.

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Quickly check the salary reports including pay slips of current and previous payrolls.

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Biometric Devices

Our system can be synced with your biometric device and capture attendance, overtime, and leaves.

bank statement

Bank Statements

Generate bank statements of salary to be deposited in the employees accounts.

Pay Slips

Pay Slips

Customize the layout of your pay slips. After confirming payroll, generate the payslips and print them directly or email the pay-slips as attachments. Employees can view / download the pay slips in their logins.



Create role based logins for your HR, auditor, managers, etc. and let them view only data that’s important for them.



Print letters like joining letters and relieving letters.


Shift and Late Marks

Define multiple shifts and late mark rules.

Statutory Compliances

Statutory Compliances

All statutory deductions like PF, ESI, Professional tax, TDS can be calculated as per law. For these deductions you can define the different parameters as per law. Generate all the required reports at the click of a button and avoiding any additional work.

Document Management

Document Management

Documents of employees such as experience letters and address proofs can be stored online.

Software Modules


  • User Creation
  • User Authority
  • Role Creation
  • Multi Branch Access by a single login
  • User Logs


  • Comprehensive master entry.
  • Details like previous employment, family info, educational qualification
  • Emergency info
  • Document submission
  • Profession Tax Applicable
  • Salary Details
  • Shift Details


  • Biometric Integration
  • Late Marks
  • OT Hours
  • Miss Punch
  • Approve Miss Punch
  • On Duty

Leave Management

  • Define 'n' no of leave types.
  • Assign leaves to employees
  • Employee can apply for leave from his employee portal & email for approval will be sent to the department head
  • Leave Encashment.
  • Leave tracker.

Payroll Processing

  • Salary preview and modifications
  • Freezing of Salary.
  • Salary Printing (Wage Register, PaySlip)


  • TDS applicability at employee level.
  • Auto TDS Deduction
  • Concession declaration.
  • TDS calculator

Statutory compliance

  • Configured statutory norms for PF, PT, ESIC.
  • Limit Employee & Employer Contribution
  • Automatic calculation of PF statement.
  • PF, ESIC, PT applicability at Employee Level